6 Ways To Greet Your Loved Customers

Imagine someone getting into your home and not feeling welcome…not good right? That’s the same with our stores, we must make our customers feel welcome and greet them the best way we can.

Once I walked into a store (not saying the name because we’re not here to make a scene) and they didn’t say a word. Do you know how long I stayed there? No longer than 10 minutes and of course I didn’t purchase anything. That’s how important your greeting is. 


So this blog is going to be about 6 ways you could greet your customers and make them feel welcome and comfortable. 


  Try different questions or comments: It’s ok to ask “how’s your day?” But why not say a nice compliment? Make them feel good like if you say something nice to a friend such as “Omg I love your hair” or “Where did you get that beautiful scarf?” Remember, the more human and friendly, the more we get close to them.


  Greet customers positively: Smile and make eye contact. A great customer experience starts with the first impression. Ask them if they’re looking for something special or just looking, be there for them.


  Meeting and greeting are not the same: “Hi” is not enough, try to make a conversation like you really care why they are there because they arrive for a reason.  You should know it and help them get what they want (without looking intense, of course). Be nice and friendly, they must feel that they really matter.


  Timing is everything: How long do you take to approach a customer who has just entered your store? The recommended time is 15 seconds, wait until they get through the door, take a look and then you can approach and make your magic.


  Don’t stalk, just introduce: Some shoppers don’t like help or feel followed. Just introduce yourself, tell them the discounts, the new products, where could they find them and that you’ll be there if they need something.


  Try to not make questions that can get “no” answers: When you ask “Can I help you” they could tell you an automatic “no”. It’s challenging, we know but let's welcome those questions that could make new conversations and confidence between you and your shopper.


To close this topic, here are some customer greeting examples: “Have you been here before?”, “Good morning (name), welcome back!”, “Omg, I love your coat”. Each shopper is unique so it’s ok to welcome different ways to greet them.


Try it and get back to us to tell us how it goes.

Have a nice week!