Retail Store Design Tips Revealed!

How wonderful is it to start the year knowing where are you going to and be so motivated to welcome the success into your home and shop? Speaking of “shop” did you know that “A survey from facilities management software provider ServiceChannel found that 64% of consumers had left a store because of disorganization and physical appearance.”?1 


This is so important to share with you because, if there is a perfect way to start a successful new year then it is with a make-over of your store's display. Here are some design ideas to increase sales:


  Choose the best shop layout for your business: What’s best for your service or products? You need to choose a perfect place where your essence and success fits and your customers feel welcome and attract.


  Don't forget to reinforce your brand with a theme: Make sure that your brand, ideas, and emotions are reflected in your design. Choose a theme that combines with who and your brand is.


  Digital signage: We know that technology is in and everybody who wants to be noticed needs to have the best of the best so be sure to display digital images, video, streaming media, and information.


  Effective displays: We have mentioned in one of our blogs that love at first sight is really important to showcase your products in an attractive way with colors and good lighting.


  Dont display too many products: Less is more always. We know you want to show everything you want but first, show what’s new in your displays and little by little show the others products.


  Use your product as decor: What better way to show how your products will look than with an example? This way will help your customers to visualize and feel like they can have it too.


  Play music: Cheer your shop with nice music, of course, don’t forget to choose the best music for your target because you’re letting them know how your brand sounds.


You’re ready to welcome success to your shop. Remember to comment or share if you like it.

Thank you, welcomers!


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XOXO: Aqua & Lizzy