We honor these Welcomer Barbies

BARBIE LIZZY Barbie Annie Lu Barbie Mar Lu

We just wanted to jump into this amazing trend that is getting us all so excited about the new Barbie movie. 

We all grew up, then forgot about dolls and playing but it is so cool that we get to have a new release with everything included: comedy, an iconic cast and a fresh story. For what we know, this movie will be talking about perfection and how it not something we should be looking for.

Barbie is to hit the big screen in July 21st!

Who saw the trailer? Where Margot Robbie climbs into her dream car as the live-action version of our famous fashion icon. Ryan Gosling will be Ken and that makes us be even more excited!

Everybody is making their own barbie portrait photo and talking about what this barbie is good at or what she's into. 

For example: This barbie is a mother and a writer. 

It is a way to express our original ways of enjoying life and we WELCOME this idea so much!

Labels are not bad if you see them as your biggest assets. Don't be afraid to dream and play a little with yourself, even if you are a respectable business owner. We bet you are so much more! So go ahead and make your own barbie picture! We made ours with dizzi.

In our pictures we describe what we do for THE WELCOME SIGN and that makes us feel so great, specially because we know how we contribute to our final goal, to decor your success!


Lizzy Cuevas

Retail Success Manager