Visual Merchandising - Love At First Sight

09/28/2021 09:50 PM By Lizzy

Morning, morning dear welcomers! So today’s blog it’s going to be about…visual merchandising. But why? Would you ask, well, dear welcomer this is so important because the first impression is everything and if your dream customer sees your shop for the first time and it’s gorgeous…it will be love at first sight.

So shall we begin? 

The success of a retail business will depend on 4 things:

  • Customer experience: yes, we know for sure that this one is fundamental and it should be in the Bible, constitution, Oprah's show, etc. Try to create an exceptional visual merchandising strategy and this will increase the time a customer spends in your store, it will motivate them to spend more and of course, it will bring new customers. Give them a reason to come back, try to be creative.
  • Know your audience: how can you give them what they want if you don’t know what they want? Sell a lifestyle. You must know where they shop, what they like, their interests, where they spend time and with who. Go to their social media and try to research who they follow, what do they repost on stories, and you will know, trust me. If they feel that you took your time to get to know them, they will feel flattered and be loyal to you.
  • Amazing display: we all know that our display is the first opportunity to communicate our brand to an audience right? That been established, everything is about how do you show your products to the customer, show emotions, senses, and your essence in your shop. Make them feel like you want them to feel welcome.
  • Break Homogeneity: “It is true that the decoration of a store must show harmony and homogeneity, a style must be exploited, however, there must also be points of impact that break with the routine that can transmit a homogeneous style.”1 This means that you need to break homogeneity at a crucial point to make an impact. 

Done! You’re ready to make your customers fall in love with you and your shop. What other strategies do you know? Feel welcome to share with our community. We love to read you.

Have a nice week. 

1. CAAD Retail Design. (2019, 20 junio). Visual Merchandising: funciones y claves para tener éxito en retail. CAAD Retail Design Barcelona | Diseño de espacios comerciales y visual merchandising.

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