Express Gratitude To Your Loyal Customers

10/12/2021 10:26 AM By Lizzy

Express gratitud to your customers

Welcome Welcomers, let's welcome October! We love this month because beautiful decor starts now with Halloween, fall, Thanksgiving and, Christmas, are you ready? We certainly are and since we are excited and emotional, want to tell you that we are so grateful and happy you’re here with us. 

That been said, is so important to express your gratitude to your loyal customers, always. So if you’re a retailer and want to keep your loyal customers, be sure to thank them every time. They will feel welcome and important because they are because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be here.

So here are some points to follow to express gratitude:


  • Always say “thank you”: words are powerful, they can create emotions, sensations, and feelings so be sure to express this all the time, how? It could be with a thank you note, a letter, an email, etc. And always write them with your heart.
  • Gifts: if it is in your budget, a gift never gets in the way. It’s a good way to show appreciation. Invite them to go to your shop and pick up the present and tell them the reason with a big smile.
  • Discount: everyone loves discounts and promotions. It could be a surprise to send them an email, thank them for the purchase and then, show the coupon of discount. They will love it. 
  • Privilege: everyone loves to feel important and privileged. You could make your loyal customers feel that way with new product shout-outs before they go to sale. If you have a new service or product, invite them to know it before anyone else, so they can feel appreciated for being loyal customers. This is a great way to make them feel VIP.
  • Follow up: after any purchase, wait a few days to ask them if anything’s alright or if they need some assistance. Offer your services or any valuable information about the product like “did you know you could do this or that”. If you keep up with them after the purchase, they’ll know that is more than a sale, it is loyalty. 

“Little by little, customer loyalty is gaining importance. It is not by chance. For one thing, customer expectations are higher, their power is growing, and it is more difficult to retain customers because they have so many options.”1 

Let's make them feel welcome all the time, their loyalty is so important. Do you know more about this topic? Feel welcome to share. 

Thank you for being here with us, we appreciate you.



1. Pujadas, A. G. (2021, July 27). Why does customer loyalty matter? Albert Garcia Pujadas blog | Transform people and organizations.

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