How to accessorize a sideboard or buffet, a helpful guide!

06/23/2021 09:50 AM By Lizzy

It’s always so wonderful when your gorgeous new sideboard or Buffet table arrives. The excitement of where to put it comes first! Then maybe extra excitement if you’re also buying some complimentary pieces to show it off to its best.

Or maybe you’ve decorated a room especially or you’re in the process of some large scale interior design on your home, or perhaps it was the bargain of the century that you picked up at a French-style flea market.

Whatever the reason for purchasing your pretty new sideboard or buffet you will just be itching to fill it with all your favorite bits and pieces and most importantly, decorate the top of your sideboard or buffet, wow your house guests and take pride in your pretty new piece.

Buffets and sideboards are usually large enough to provide plenty of storage, also a perfect place to serve your friends and family at your celebrations and special dinners and also perfect to display your treasures.

They fit perfectly in any setting and give you some wonderful scope to get creative and give you a great opportunity to really show some self-expression through your displays and pretty vignettes.

Firstly we will have a look at exactly what a vignette is so you can get started on your creations!

What is a vignette? A vignette has a number of meanings and each of them is creative! It can mean a short sketch or it can also mean a photography technique, but in decorating and interior design, a vignette represents a small group of pretty objects that demonstrate an attractive focal point and ‘tells a story’.

Perfect for a display on your buffet or sideboard and ready to make a statement in your room.

Vignettes are a really pretty way to bring a pleasing focal point and ‘tells a story’ of your pieces and link them all together, really helping to bring an element of charm and character and creativity to your space.

So let’s take a closer look at how to get started creating your pretty picture! Firstly we will take a look at if you are replacing an old sideboard with a beautiful new one!

Let’s Get Started Creating Your Vignette

If you’re replacing an old sideboard with a new one, have a good look at the pieces that are already in that space. Then make a decision on which items are going to stay.

If something isn’t permanently fixed to the wall, above or next to your sideboard, Then feel free to move it around to a different location of the house. What may have begun to look tired or a little dated in that space, but holds special memories, for example, may soon find a brand new lease of life in a whole new location of your house.

Mirrors, lamps, pictures and other accessories can all be edited like this so don’t be afraid to get in there and experiment!

Next, take a good look around your house and see what you already have. It may be that an object you weren’t completely happy with, will pop into life when used on your new sideboard!

Take a look below at our great tips of a foolproof way of finding the perfect vignette!

How to Decorate Your Sideboard or Buffet

To decorate your sideboard or buffet follow the tips below to create a stunning vignette.

  • Keep colors simple
  • Use a statement piece
  • Add accessories
  • Layer up from front to back
  • Largest items at the back of your sideboard
  • Stand back at the edit
  • Keep it fresh

Keep Colors Simple

Keep colors simple - it may be tempting to grab lots of different items in an array of colors, shades, and hues, but choosing simply one or two colors is best. Keeping it simple will bring the whole design together and stop it looking too cluttered or without thought.

Look around your room and use clues from other accessories and colors you already have. For instance, if you realize you have quite a few silver objects, now is probably not the time to introduce too much gold! Don’t be afraid to add a shot of an unusual color too, to really attract the eye and make a bold statement.

Now we’ve decided on some colors we think will work together and match or coordinate well with existing color schemes and accessories in our room, let’s a look below at the kind of items that will work best to display on your beautiful new sideboard or buffet.

What Kind of Items Work Best?

When you’re deciding on items to go on your lovely new sideboard or buffet, a few standard items will work really well, drawing the eye above and around your new purchase and really help to show it off to its best!

Ideal Accessories for Your Sideboard

Firstly start with your accessories, these can be chosen from the list below. To make a real statement stick to one or two types of accessory so as to not appear cluttered or too much on the eye. Less is always more!

Great items to use to accessorize are:

  • Candlesticks
  • Fresh flowers and some beautiful simple greenery
  • Vases
  • Mirrors
  • Books
  • Picture frames

Once you‘ve decided on your accessories, it’s time for your anchor or statement piece. We all know how well a statement piece works with clothing such a huge oversized brooch or necklace, so bring that idea into your vignette to give a totally interior designed look.

Good items to use as statement pieces are:

  • Artwork
  • Lamps
  • Mirrors

These items will give your vignette depth and will ground the whole display. It creates a focal point and draws the eye exactly where you want it, to your new sideboard or buffet.

Now you’ve decided on your ‘wow’ piece it’s time to layer up the rest of your accessories. Let’s take a look below how to achieve that effect.

How to Layer Your Sideboard Accessories

Now that you’ve added your statement or anchor piece, it’s time to get busy adding the rest of your pretty accessories. Once you have your focal point in place. Then simply add your second tallest accessory on the top of your sideboard or buffet. Sometimes this can be a beautiful pair of lamps which will really add some soft mood lighting, perfect to use to layer up the lighting in your room for a soft cozy effect.

 ‘Once you have your focal point in place. Then simply add your

second tallest accessory on the top of your sideboard or buffet.’

Next, start to layer your other accessories from the back to the front of your sideboard. Make especially sure you save your smallest and cutest items till last.

Let’s take a closer look below at why you should dispense with twos and fours when decorating your stunning new piece of furniture.

Use Odd Numbers of Accessories

If you’re looking to create a dynamic impact, using odd numbers of objects creates this kind of effect. This way to display is also used in flower arranging for the same effect.

Objects that are grouped in threes ...a set of three of something or fives usually tend to make the most dramatic and overall more pleasing focus on your sideboard top.

Now that you’ve gotten most things in place, check out below why it’s really important to take a moment to stop and consider your work.

Stand Back and Edit

While you’re creating your work of art and decorating your sideboard with the most creative pretty vignette, don’t forget to take a few moments out. Stop your work, stand back and do a little editing!

For example, you may decide to move a candlestick around, or swap out a picture frame that perhaps has a more pleasing finish, or maybe decide the vase or stack of books is just not working. Keep taking a little time to stand back and check on which areas of the sideboard decor seem to be really working and also those which aren’t standing so well or perhaps need a little tweaking.

Lastly, don’t feel like you have to stay with your sideboard decoration forever. Let’s look below at why.

Experiment and Create New Vignettes

Don’t feel as if you have to get it right the first time and feel free if you get a little bored or uninspired by your vignette, to change it up. Maybe use a different statement piece. This works well with the changing of the seasons to really bring your sideboard to life!

Maybe with a gorgeous summer painting or a beautiful Christmas flower arrangement. Don’t let them look tired, keep everything fresh and make sure above all, you have fun in decorating your new sideboard or buffet.

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