Retailer advantages and disadvantages

06/23/2021 09:29 AM By Lizzy

Hello decorators! We are so happy to be with you today! No matter if you’re reading us in your phone, laptop, at work, at the beach (if you must know, I’m at the beach right now and that’s one the thing I love about being an entrepreneur) but back to business…no matter where you are, you’re very welcome to The Welcome Sign.

Today’s subject is going to be about: retailers…why? Because they are awesome, and we want to talk about advantages and disadvantages of being one. So, let’s begin.

First, advantages:

  • Better profits: yes, this is because they can earn more for the same items than wholesalers. For example, they can sale a product for full price.
  • Free of problems: if the product comes with a defect, then it is the producer who will bear the loss of replacing the product, not the retailer.
  • No need of big space: they can have any space they got because they only receive the products of the wholesalers


  • Good location: if you don’t have this, you won’t get easy organic new costumers. They required a good location so if they’re “casually going though that street”. 
  • Constant control: they must make sure all the products come in good shape, no defections, or faults.

Are you a retailer? What can you say about this? Please feel welcome to share with us and visit our store.

Thank you for being here.



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