Sell a home experience, not just decoration

08/06/2021 01:52 PM By Lizzy

Hello powerful, beautiful, and dear decorators! We feel awesome today and we hope you feel the same way! If not, you’re welcome to check us out so you can feel a little at home…

Speaking of home, today is a good day to read this if you own a shop of home decor, you’re a decorator, or you just like decoration. We want to show you how to sell your products and the first step is: DON’T.

“What?” Yes, instead of selling products, it’s always better to offer a home, a solution to their problems, and here is how you can do it.

We as decorators we need to transmit this “homing knowledge”. Therefore our shops not only sell home decor but a complete experience. So be the first to come up with these questions to open the possibility to be helpful in these main areas: Inspire spaces, personal spaces and gather spaces.

Inspire spaces: Here are some questions you can ask: what’s your concept of “home”?, where do you spend more time?, what are your main activities at home?, if you were to write a book, here would you feel confortable to do it or to get inspired?.

If you know their usual lifestyle, it’s going to be easier for you to offer them a home, right? for example if they tell you “I spend more time at the office I build back at home because my job is now remote”, then with this information we know we can start offering a better chair, a happy product to make them feel comfortable or inspired, are you following us? The more you get to know your customers, the better you can get into their hearts, needs, and desires. 

You can also promote a certain activity with the design of your home. Here’s a real story of our CEO. Once, her mother remodeled her living-room so when se got home, she saw this special styled corner, it basically included an armchair, a footer, a floor lamp, and a little coffee table besides. This space inspired her to read, yes, to grab a book and have a nice moment of good lecture. She loved the experience and made it an habit to read in the “reading space”. Do you know what we mean? With great home design, you can build the lifestyle they’re looking for. So that’s why it’s important to get to know what they do or wish to do more to be able to help.

Your personal space: Has it happened to you that you need “me time”? with everyone spending more time at home, sometimes you just need to stay away from your bedroom but in a space when you can enjoy yourself without any disturbs, right? You can ask your customers if there is a space to have a special personal time. This concept is becoming popular within psychologists, so they recommend to have a space in the house where everybody needs to respect you are saturated and need to be alone. This can be achieved with a simple agreement within family members. Offer to your costumers a relaxing space when they need to be comfortable, alone, and renovated after an overwhelming day. The Chelsea Psychology Clinic has a good blog about this and said “Maintaining some degree of personal space is critical during this time.” (1)

Gathering spaces: Which activities do you share as a family? For example a barbecue, a movie time, a fu experience cooking together, a fancy dinner, or a play night. When focusing on this subject, we can offer a space where they could feel more united. Ask them if they want to gather more in the backyard, or the kitchen, the studio, etc. Because there could be something missing in that space that doesn’t make it usable for reunions. With this, you’ll definitely know which products, furniture, and decorations are best for them. Always ask them what they’re looking for with the right questions. 

Remember that home is where love is and we must give that to our customers through the products we offer. People get products that make them feel at home. We believe everybody knows what they wan’t for their home since the moment they buy or lease their place. They know they wan’t to feel free, happy and with many good experiences.

That would be all. Please feel welcome to comment, share, or express yourself about this article, we love to read you.

Blog by: Aqua Avila  & Lizzy Cuevas


1. Personal Space. (2021, 6 agosto). The Chelsea Psychology Clinic.

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