Welcoming Home Office

08/10/2021 10:50 AM By Lizzy

Welcome decorators! Let’s begin this article with joy and energy because we’re feeling inspired by you, as usual. 

How’s the pandemic going for you? We know it’s been hard, and we challenge ourselves every day to keep going and doing the best we can, keep holding on.

We wanted to talk about this because today I had writer’s block, and it came to me the idea of the importance of having a space to work, and why? Let me enlighten you.

When we are at home working, a lot of people recommend not to work on the same area where you sleep, so you can change “areas”, feel more motivated, and stay out of the same routine. But what if you don’t have that perfect space to work? That’s when we come in. So, here are some ideas to consider if you’re looking for that perfect space:

  • Define a space to work we recommend a space without distractions like TV, a lot of noise, and when you can have privacy. Choose at your home this space and make it your work zone.
  • Good light: make sure that the workstation is near a window that lets natural light in, or at least, has good artificial lighting, is better diffused, and is placed in a good position to avoid reflections on the screen so as not to strain your eyes.
  • Harmonic colors and smells: The walls should be in a color that motivates and inspires you when it comes to getting going and working. White is a nice color and speaking of good smells, aromatherapy could offer you peace and concentration. 
  • Office furniture: take care of your back. It’s really important to have a nice table and chair to work so they give a comfortable position and not hurting yourself while you work. 
  • Organized space: Order is essential for working in good conditions and for concentration and creativity to flow. You can also place objects and decorative elements that bring you good memories and fill you with positive energy. We can help you with that ;)
  • Green touch: Did you know that having a small plant on your desk can make you more productive? So, start looking for those beautiful plants that match your space. We have some on our website if you want to take a look.

What other recommendations could you share with the Welcoming Community? We want you to feel inspired, comfortable and happy in the spaces we could give to you. You’re welcome to visit us anytime you want.

Have a nice day. 

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