Cozy Cottage Dreams 

Cozy is a feeling, so we want you to feel WELCOME and loved in your adorable cottage-style home. White tones are special, making you feel the modern and classy version of your farmhouse. ♡

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Church Window Wall Decor

Hand-crafted and made out of recycled material, this one-of-a-kind wall décor is a beautiful extraordinary piece

Clay Rosary w/ Tassel

This elegant piece has been handmade and each one is hand turned to create a fabulous bespoke piece just for you! 

Vintage Cutting Board 

This tiny little piece is not to cut food on it, instead, it is to show off a cute singular piece in your kitchen.

Clay Bead Garlands W/Tassel

A cute piece to complement ornaments in your home. Just wrap it around any piece and look at its beauty. 

Set Of 2 Thin Birdhouses

This hand-crafted freestanding birdhouse is made of solid wood and a distressed finish.

Victorian Accent Mirror

Mirrors are the mystic soul of the house, without them, places would be dull and plain. 

Set of 3 Candle Holders

A beautifully stylish vintage style candle holders. Perfect to bring a touch of French style chic to your interior.

Americana Accent Mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who has the most cozy vintage home? 

Cozy Cottage Birdhouse

When looking for a modern and stylish birdhouse to place in your backyard, this is the most beautiful! 

Farmhouse Centerpiece Box

What a nice detail to have this nice structure in your coffee table styled with faux plants and flowers.

La France Corbel

This hand-carved corbel - bookend is perfect to showcase your collection of vintage cookery books.

Architectural Flower Sculpture

A beautifully stylish piece, perfect to bring a touch of French style chic to your Interior.

Cottage Sun Mirror

We can always watch the mirror with the hope of seeing an enchanting new person and happier moments. 

Vintage Pedestal 11" 

This pedestal is a nice idea to enhance any cute ornament. We love  it with birdhouses, small pottery or a candle.

Double X Side Table

The X details on this side table add a bonus farmhouse touch.

Assembly Required.

As a family, we care.

 Proudly From Laredo, Texas.