Christmas CASES

Welcomers of a warm shopping experience. Wholesalers of home decor, furniture & garden accessories. Home decor is all about trends and how customers want to feel, we welcome the style of your customers.

We decor your success!

We welcome your style

To be welcome

Our Team

Lizzy Cuevas

Co-founder & Retailer Success Manager

Andres Cuevas

Co-founder & Procurement

Darian Cuevas

Product Design

Saúl Coronel

IT Business Developer

Hiram Cruz

Procurement & Operations


Packaging & Forklift Operator

Mary Lu

New Product Development

Karla Chavez

Packaging & Product Receiver

We welcome this values


We can't stop thinking about a beautiful space, that feels warm and cozy for people. They need a nice scenario for their own personal story


We want to see you grow, even if your business is already tall and strong  as a nice tree. We can be key partners to an abundant life in the industry of home embellishment. 


When we receive an order, we do our best to fulfill it fast and with amazing quality.

Our philosophy:

​Your success as well as your environment can be touched by decoration.


‌To serve our community of home decor entrepreneurs with a pathway to success so that together we can share to the world the positive feeling of having a stylish and welcoming home.


‌To be a key partner to the businesses in the home decor industry. We wan't to empower the people that work for us to create and have fair labor conditions.


We use reutilized materials for packaging.

We give jobs to small communities in Mexico and empower them.