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5 Reasons to Love Hand Carved Accessories

For centuries, people around the world have made hand carved items from natural materials like wood, stone, and bronze. The act of something being created by the two hands of a single individual using basic tools such as a knife, chisel, or mallet is a special talent indeed.

These artisans can take a seemingly ordinary piece of wood, envision something spectacular, and get to work shaping it into an ornament, figurine, or accessory. Fortunately, this age old skill and the passion to portray individuality to create one of a kind, hand carved accessories has not been lost in this modern-day era.

Below are five reasons why you should love hand carved accessories:

#1 You’ll Love the Quality:

Items that are crafted by hand are done so in an environment of joy and honor, as each step is completed with pure intention. What began in someone’s imagination, it progressively evolves into a finished product designed with great care and attention. When someone is putting their own name and reputation behind each item, you can buy it confident that it has been made with the utmost care.

#2 Handmade is Eco-Friendly:

Handmade items are typically crafted in someone’s home or a small workshop rather than being produced in large corporate facilities that require massive resources. Also, most artists care about finding sustainable materials or even sourcing from local suppliers. All of that helps reduce the carbon footprint and pollution caused by a handmade item.

#3 Handmade Items are Keepsake Worthy:

Items that are produced in large quantities are typically perceived as lesser quality, “throw away” items. In contrast, when something is handmade, it has unique qualities that make it stand out. It may not be perfect in every way and even when made in multiples, there will be minute differences in the texture, color, grain, and shape; which is what adds to its value. Just think, the hand carved accessories that you own will never be identical to another one, ever. It is uniquely designed by hand, not poured into a mold that replicates thousands of the same things.

#4 You’re Aiding in Someone’s Financial Wellbeing:

When you buy handmade, you are supporting the individuals that produce each hand carved item, one by one. While you may not know this individual, rest assured it is someone who has a passion for what they are doing. He or she devotes hours of hard work into making a single item, in an effort to express talent and make money for personal financial support. In turn, they are putting money back into their local community FEELING PRIDE because they are honorably earning their everyday bread. 

#5 Handmade is Always Special:

In the midst of the fast-paced society we live in, there are so many mass manufactured cookie cutter creations, and while mass production is beneficial for some things, it simply cannot compare to the detailed, quality of handcrafted products.

Basically, it is like comparing cubic zirconium to a real diamond. Initially, it may fool someone, and certainly both have their place, but which one will be more readily cherished and protected? Buying hand carved accessories supports community and culture, embracing the skills, talents, and imagination of each maker.

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