• Lizzy Cuevas

Five practical ways to transform your home into a balanced and peaceful retreat.

Take some time to tackle that messy closet or piles of old mail bogging you down. You’ll feel the tension immediately escape the room as you toss away those unneeded items. The simple addition of a colorful wall or statement piece can transform the mood of any room. Choosing the right color scheme can be a challenge, so experiment with different shades and combinations.

Plants eliminate toxins from indoor spaces thus reoxygenating your home. Why not bring nature into your house?

One of the most intimate areas of your home, the bedroom should invite you to escape from your busy schedule while still asserting a sense of sophistication.

Nothing quite brings clarity and highlights the intricate design details of a room like a stroke of natural light. A naturally lit room boosts productivity, improves mood, and creates an overall tranquil atmosphere

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