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Why White Goes Great With Woods

Walk into any modern farmhouse and you’re sure to be greeted with lots of light, white materials paired perfectly with natural woods. When you see it in person, it looks like the ideal match. The contrast is intriguing to the eye yet timeless and clean. It’s minimalistic with a touch of rustic, and the combination can pull together any contemporary home.

Once you see these tones together, you’re sure to opt for white and wood--but why? Aside from being one of the most common design pairings since the original farmhouses themselves, there are many aesthetic reasons behind this beautiful combination.

White Makes Old New

  • Painting old things white makes them feel new again

  • White, when kept clean, adds a clean feeling to any room

  • When paired with wood, white brings in a sense of modern yet timeless

There’s a reason why hotel rooms use white bedding: it’s the universal symbol of clean, pure, and fresh. That’s why it’s taking over homes as well. In bathrooms and bedrooms alike, white is helping to take old, dingy walls and accent pieces and make them new again.

Whether you choose a smooth white or a weathered white, pairing white with older accents gives an instant farmhouse feel to any space. The wood means there’s just the right amount of rustic while the white makes sure it doesn’t give any 1970s vibes or other dated feelings in the design.

White Balances Dark

  • White contrasts against darker tones, including wood, drawing the eye in

  • White is a great color to “frame” darker accents, like wood floors or windows

  • White helps to keep a room bright and light, even with darker wood floors or furniture

Modern homes are all about being light and open. That gives a clean feeling to the finished design and helps make even the smallest of spaces feel larger. So, it’s no wonder that one of the most common places to see white nowadays is in the kitchen--the “heart of the home” where everyone wants to emphasize size and space.

In fact, the white kitchen is very much in right now, and it’d only take a quick scroll through Instagram to see a bunch of before and after photos showcasing a kitchen’s transformation from dark cabinets to white, and perhaps even a white backsplash (subway tile is still all the rage) and white accents.

However, white by itself quickly grows boring. So, you can pair it with a variety of different woods to bring out different tastes and styles. A popular choice is to get butcher block countertops on top of the white cabinets, keeping with the lighter theme. However, in most farmhouses, you’ll find the white contrasts instead of dark wood floors and perhaps even dark wood window sills. In these instances, white really shows how it can balance the dark undertones of wood and brighten it up, making it feel fresh rather than dated or vintage.

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