La France Solid Wood Hand Carved Corbel Bookend

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These beautifully stylish hand-carved corbel bookends are perfect to showcase your collection of vintage cookery books or would simply look perfect on a console, antique bookcase or free-standing dresser.

1 beautiful piece to add an architectural touch to you home. 

Use it in so many ways:

Support a shelf

A special Bookend 

Showcase a unique centerpiece 

Accentuate a doorway

As a tabletop accessories  

This could be the stylish statement piece in your snug, lounge or vintage-inspired bedroom.

A beautiful piece, handmade by craftsmen out of solid pine wood and finished in washed-out white, for an on-trend distressed look.

This gorgeous corbel/bookend would be a lovely wedding, birthday or anniversary gift, or why not as a little treat to yourself?

Product Dimensions    12"H  X  11"W  X  4.5"D

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